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Artemonas, Sifnos, Greece   Tel: +30 22840 32055  Fax: +30 22840 32386   MHTE: 114Κ113Κ0507101   E-mail: info@bungalows-myrto.gr

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Location - Artemonas Sifnos

Bungalows Myrto located in the south edge of the traditional village. The calm that you will enjoy is unforgettable! At the same time the bus terminal station, the public parking and the central square are found only 200 metres away. From that point you can move radial to the entire island. In very short distance can also be found traditional ovens of Sifnos that make delicious local shortbreads and sweets, as well as some of the most famous taverns of Sifnos - the recipes from Sifnos, the recipes of Chef Tselementes, are insuperable.

How to get there

With your mean of transportation or by using the bus you rich Artemonas square (point B on the map). In case you will arrive with your own car you can leave it on the public parking (point P1 on the map).
Artemonas is situated one kilometre north of Apollonia. It is a real jewellery of Sifnos, with mansions of neoclassical architecture, with gardens and courtyards full of flowers. In the top of the hill a number of old windmills are saved but only two remains in good condition. From here the view of Sifnos is panoramic. The spectator can attend the adjacent islands, Kastro village, the central settlements, even Kamares village.

It is speculated that in the location where today Panagia Kochi is located, according to the legend the ancient years existed center of adoration of Ekvatirias Artemis, who protected during the disembarkation from the boat, but also gave good result in each affair. The name of the place is problematic, because in the ancient years the holy and the dedicated places to the adoration Artemis was called Artemisia.

Artemonas is the village where Nikolaos Chrisogelos, the significant teacher and national fighter, was born as well as the poet and philologist Ioannis Gryparis. From 1914 until 1998 was the capital city of homonym community of Artemona.

Visitor worth to see except of the classic mansions the house where Ioannis Gryparis was born and the Churches of Panagia Kochi which has a very interesting architecture, the church of Panagia of Ammou, where exists the Virgin Mary the Monk, an infrequent depiction of Virgin Mary without Divine Infant, the church Panagia of Bali and the church of Agios Spiridon.